Four Things I Know About The Everything


1. We don’t attract our reality. We create it. We co-create it with God/The Divine/Source, etc.

Co-creation is tricky. Co-Creation brought us the Universe. Also, it brought us genocide.

This does not mean that everything we experience is our doing. More, that everything we experience is part of our story, and that our reaction to it determines the outcome. And of course, the more we relate, and get specific and actually CREATE, the more we’re directing the experience.  (This takes guts.)

2. If you are powerful enough to get into a difficult situation, you are powerful enough to transmute and transcend it.


Difficult but true. Your life sucks right now?

Consider it a blessed challenge.

You can certainly yell Who the Hell Signed Me Up for This?  and you can shake your fist and do your best Darth Vadar NO!!!!!!!!  and curl up in a ball. That can all be part of the process.

And then, you can consider this your place and space and show up for it, knowing that you have or will have every answer you need, when you need it (for the vast majority of the time, unless you are learning about ambiguity and flying blind).

Show up to the challenges in your life. You are more than up for it.

3. The Everything will dress a life lesson up in more and more ridiculous packaging until you get the hint and change direction. 


Sometimes life lessons start out with a big unexpected bang. Sometimes God pretends to be a very large hillbilly and yells Hey Watch This! and the next thing you know, you’re bouncing down the side of a cliff and hanging on a branch by your suspenders.

But typically, lessons start out as whispers and suggestions.


A guy you’re dating is a little rude to the waitress (leave now).

Then he borrows your car and forgets to pick you up and you stand in the rain for an hour (Leave Now).

And then he asks to borrow all your money for clown college (Leave NOW).

And then you come home from work and you find him schtupping another clown and he hasn’t even taken his over-sized shoes off (LEAVE NOW).

You will remember the over-sized shoes (and possibly some squeeking).

4. Prosperity and Peace and God happen where you look for them. Where you are is a great place to look. 

Have you ever stepped into an old church, and felt an invisible holy blanket drop on you? You know how easy it is to feel the Divine in a place like that?

Why is that? It’s because thousands of people have sought God there. Their energy dwells there, in holy, literal communion. God is there because people sought God there.

What would happen if you sought God in the laundry room?

My house, after seeking the Divine here, is holy. You can feel it when you walk in.

Sometimes a holy mess, but still holy.

What would happen if making cookies became a divine act?

What would happen if you brought your holy, higher self to the mundane moments that make up your life?

And can I say, I’m not talking about that fakey-fake, I went to yoga and it was VERY MEANINGFUL bullshit that seems to permeate the environs of the somewhat enlightened.

I’m talking about real.

The difference between the real act of bringing the holy to your everyday experience and faking it?  Holy-bringing is not part of your dog and pony show. Holy-bringing is supposed to be a little bit private. It’s intimate. You’re not thinking Look how spiritual I am pulling weeds right now. 


What would happen if you opened to the possibilities of your life?


What would happen if The Divine stopped being someone who did stuff to you? And started being someone that you were already in a deep relationship with, and to whom your opinion mattered?  What would happen if you started thinking of your life as a divine investment in the future?

This is what I show people how to do. 

Life-shifting is opening to the power and possibility of your own life. And a big part of that is your relationship to The Everything.

I teach you how to relate in ways that work, that make a difference in your life. It’s tangible. I teach you to use your words, to use your energy, to get in there, get motivated and make a difference.

It does not matter to me how you personalize your reality, if you call this God or The Universe or The Powers that Be. You don’t even have to believe in a higher power. You just have to believe that your relationship to the exterior matters in the outcome.

If this is the right time for you to invest in your life, check out my Work With Me page.

And while you’re here, talk with me about your experience of relating to The EVERYTHING.

Much love to you- friend-



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